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Photogirl is closing down. Dave is retiring and this domain name will soon be for sale. If you are interested in buying it, let me know. (serious offers please)
My thanks to all the Models and Photographers that I have worked with over the years. Out of pure nostalgia, here is a reminder of some of the girls I've photographed over the years. Its been a hard job but someone had to do it. Click any pic for a bigger pic, pics with red borders have more pics (by request)
Latest Requests Chelle and Fairey

029.jpg  095_PE_03502.jpg  DSC_0910.jpg  IMG_2273.jpg  Fempyre - more pics here    PE_05208.jpg  Fairey - more pics here     PE_13383.jpg  PE_14868.jpg  Chelle - more pics here     PE_23209.jpg  PE_25328.jpg  PE_25808.jpg  PE_26681.jpg  PE_29119.jpg  PE_29305.jpg  PE_29438.jpg  PE_30745.jpg  PE_39050.jpg  PE_39189.jpg  PE_39513.jpg  PE_39679.jpg  Marilyn - more pics here     PE_44459.jpg  PE_58510.jpg  PE_58788.jpg  PE_59023.jpg  PE_59077.jpg  PE_59702.jpg  PICT0713.jpg  PICT0734.jpg  PICT1950.jpg  Brit   

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